Other Competitions

Although the Club does conduct several internal competitions each year, members may also want to enter wines in other competitions.  Information about the annual competition at the Minnesota State Fair is located here.
This page contains information about competitions sponsored by other clubs, wine-related organizations or publications.  This information is supplied to us by the sponsoring organizations - listing here does not guarantee the accuracy of such information, nor an endorsement of the competition by the Club. 
American Wine Society                             Oct/Nov                           AWS Amateur Wine Competition

Missouri Valley Wine Society                    February                          MVWS website
Winemaker Magazine                                March                             Winemaker Magazine competition

Missouri Wine Society of St Louis              April                                Missouri Winemaking Society of St Louis   

Amateur Winemakers of Central Illinois       May                                AWCI website

Indy International Wine Competition            August                            Indy Competition

Illinois State Fair Amateur Competition        June                               Illinois State Fair Amateur Wine Competition