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Website Problems

We have had pretty good results with our website, but there are a few things that sometimes cause problems.

Members-Only Portion of Site
Our site is hosted by Google.  Most of the site is open to the public, but a portion is restricted to Purple Foot club members.  In order to access this portion of the site, you need to convince Google that you are an authorized user.  In some cases, if you already have a Gmail account or other Google account, Google may attempt to use that account's credentials to access the Purple Foot site.  That probably won't work.  

What does work is to log in as "winemaker@purplefoot.org".  If you are logged in to Gmail, you can add an account (click on the person icon or picture in the upper right).  If you select the "winemaker" account as your current identity, you should have no problem accessing the club website.

Note that the password changes each year, generally in November, after the annual membership renewal cycle.  The current password is included in each monthly newsletter, and should also be printed on the back of your annual membership card.  The password is case sensitive, so it's a good idea to check that your Caps Lock key is off, and to type the password carefully.

Links that don't work
Occasionally, when changes are made to the website, links that worked at some point stop working.  The Google environment that hosts our site is case-sensitive, so even a very minor change in a file name can cause a problem.  If you run across a link that does not work correctly, please drop a note to "info@purplefoot.org".  In most cases, the problem can be fixed in a few minutes, once we become aware of it.

Files Don't Open
In some cases, links to files (such as past newsletters) may give an error when you attempt to open them directly from the website.  In many cases, you should be able to download and save the file, and then open it locally.