Who we are
The Purple Foot was organized in Minnesota in 1971 to promote the appreciation of wine and especially to support and encourage home winemakers to make the best possible wines.  Our members live primarily in the greater Twin Cities area.

Where and when we meet

Club meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of each month (September through May) at the Croatian Hall in South St. Paul, Minnesota, starting at 7:00 pm.  Please check the calendar listings for specific dates - the date or place does occasionally change, due to scheduling conflicts.  (see map)

The October and December meetings are social events and are held on weekends instead of the second Wednesdays, as are picnics and winery visits over the summer.  Details are available on this site before the events (see the panels at left).

What we do

Club meetings normally involve presentations on some aspect of wine-making, tasting of wines made by members, or tastings of commercial wines.  The club conducts several internal competitions each year.  Many club members also enter their wines in the competition at the Minnesota State Fair, and other organized competitions.

Since club events usually involve wine consumption, guests and members must be at least 21 years old to attend.

Prospective members are welcome to attend club meetings.  Non-members will be asked to pay $10 per person to participate in tastings of commercial wines.  There is no charge to attend other club meetings (including competitions), and there is no charge for members to attend any club meeting.

How to Join

Annual dues are $20 per person or couple, which includes a year's subscription to the club newsletter, delivered via email.  Click here for details on how to join.

What's new:

We plan to have most of our regular monthly meetings at Croatian Hall, as usual.  However, there are some changes due to the pandemic.  We will not hold  our annual Holiday Banquet in December, as the restrictions required to hold the event safely would completely change the character of the event.  Some events may be held in other locations (weather permitting).  And events at Croatian Hall are limited at this time to 40 people, so reservations will be required (at no cost).  Detailed instructions will be provided for how to make reservations.

Officers and directors for the upcoming club year are elected at the Annual Meeting in March.  To see the current list, click the link to the Officers and Directors page.  Officers and Directors for the upcoming club year are listed after the March meeting.

* * * 

We have added an Excel worksheet template (see the Resources page) to help calculate the ending alcohol level, for fermentations that involve additions of fermentable sugars and changes in volumes.  See also the article on determining alcohol level, in the March 2014 newsletter.

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A "Website Problems" page has been added to the website, Some members have had problems accessing the "members-only" portion of the site.  This page contains instructions on how to avoid problems with the login process.

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Check out the Marketplace page for things of interest to winemakers,
including information on sources of fresh or frozen grapes !  

Contact Us

You are welcome to send us email at info@purplefoot.org, or contact:
    Doug Hudson, webmaster
    Phone:  763-536-0971

You can also find us on FACEBOOK !


The Purple Foot is not affiliated with the Purple Foot Winemakers Club of Southern Minnesota

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